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Learn my exact step-by-step process on how to go viral on social media.

So, with over 38,000 LinkedIn followers and posts that have averaged over four million reads, it’s gotten to the point where virtually 100% of my leads come from LinkedIn. No, this isn't an exaggeration, either.

This stuff really works.

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At Rootstrap, I've taught these principles to many companies for years...

What's Inside?

Avoid Commoditization (4)

Build a Reliable Team (6)

Deal With Criticism, Failure and Trolls (4)

Find Balance (6)

Find the Right Clients (2)

Follow Your Own Personal Roadmap (6)

Gauge If You Really Need Outside Funding (2)

Know When It’s Time To Pivot (3)

Persevere and Grind It Out (10)

Protect Yourself and Your Business (7)

Recognize Opportunity and Seize It (6)

Run Lean and Make Smart Decisions (9)

Sell (3)

You'll get the book in PDF. 

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Here's what Tony had to say about Rootstrap's work:

"I'm totally impressed with not only the design but the development that went into this."

"The approach and guidance has been phenomenal. I'm grateful to have you guys as partners."

Tony Robbins - Founder at
Robbins Research Institute

Pete Ghiorse - Founder, GiveTide

Pete's experience working with the Rootstrap team:

"My experience with Ben and Rootstrap has been transformative."

"Every step of the way, from napkin sketch to our current platform, they have showered us with value."

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Use proven writing templates to generate viral content

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110% Free. You'll get the book in PDF format.

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